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Привет! [17 Mar 2008|11:36pm]
Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес: kjk123@inbox.ru

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Bob, Bob

[16 May 2006|01:28pm]

Hey guys!
My wonderful and faithful assistant, thesuperpet, has been kind and devoted enough to start up a fan club in my honor. If you'd like to join, the community is lauracfanclub. I look forward to seeing you there!

Much love,
Bob, Bob

[13 Feb 2006|05:49am]


Is a click game with a difference. You build up your characted through experience. A bit of fun and something to kill the time when it's quiet at work.

If you are not interested that's cool. Just a suggestion. If you are feeling nice and aren't interested anyway, you could click the link anyway; that's all you'd have to do - you'd never hear anything else about it.

Or you can click the link; register and start interacting with the community. Have a look, see what you think.

It has vampires, which is always good.
Bob, Bob

[03 Aug 2005|01:55pm]

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good?
Will it buy you forgiveness?
Do you think that it could?
Oh I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made will never buy back your soul
Bob, Bob

A Girls First Time [12 May 2005|08:23am]

It's your first time. As you lie back your
muscles tighten. You put him off for a while
searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he
approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and
you shake your head bravely.

He has more experience, but it's the first
time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you
shiver; your body tenses; but
he's gentle like he promised he'd be.

He looks deeply within your eyes
and tells you to trust him - he's done this
many times before. His cool
smile relaxes you and you open wider to
give him ;more room for an easy

You begin to plead and beg him to
hurry, but he slowly takes his
time, wanting to cause you as little pain
as possible. As he presses
;closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue
give way; pain surges throughout
your body and you feel the slight trickle of
blood as he continues.

He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's
too painful.Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head
and nod for him to go on.

He begins going in and out with skill but you
are now too numb to feel him
within you. After a few moments, you feel
something bursting within you and
he pulls it out of you, you lay panting,
glad to have it over.

He looks at you and smiling warmly, tells you, with
a chuckle; that you have been
his most stubborn yet most rewarding
You smile and thank your
Bob, Bob

who will walk me home? [06 May 2005|10:11am]

The first time, we were in college. You asked me
out on a date, and I said yes, later, when school's
over for the summer. You were happy with that for
a moment but the next moment you wanted more.
"I'll wait for you after class, ok?" you told me.
"My last class is until nine."
"I'll wait."
"So I can walk you home."
"So I can make sure you're all right."
And you waited until nine that night and many
more TThS (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) nights
afterwards. Until almost every night, you were
already "walking me home", which actually meant
we had to take two jeepney rides and an LRT ride
together. At around 11:00 p.m., after you've said
good night to my parents, you'd take another three
jeepney rides (because the LRT had closed). You'd
get to your home at past midnight. Seven hours
later, we'd see each other again at school, and
you'd smile at me as if you'd had enough sleep,
and the hundredth time, I was in Makati. I was
getting used to my first job and you were gettting
used to yours. I thought graduation meant we would
soon have to break up and either try to be friends
or try to forget about each other. When you had to
work and live in Cavite, I knew in my heart that
everything would soon be over. But it was never
over because you called me one lunch time and
said, "I'll pick you up." So from Cavite to Makati
you came, then to Paranaque to make sure I made
it home all right. You called each lunch time
afterwards and made that seven-hour trip each
evening to bring me home safely and then get back
home to your place. My friends made me realize
that not all boyfriends do the things you do. My
mom made me realize you would take care of me
for the rest of my life. The three thousandth
time, we were married. And now you weren't just
picking me up anymore. In the mornings you would
drive me first to my office before driving on to
yours. You endured each hour I spent in the
bathroom putting on makeup, patiently looked over
the clothes I kept pulling out of the closet, ignoring
each memo from your boss that told you to come
in earlier. In the afternoon you still waited for me (in
a car this time, so no more jeepneys), ready to
make sure we got home to our baby safely. The
last time, I think we'd be really, really old...Our
kids would all be grown up with families of their
own and you would've lost your hair and would've
lost my 24-inch waistline.
On that day, the sun wil be shining, but I'll be
crying because the doctor will tell me there's
nothing more they can do for you. I will see your
calm face as they cover you with a white blanket
and for a moment I will think, "Who's gonna make
sure I get home all right?"
But then, in that hospital room, I will suddenly look
up, and you'd be there beside me looking as cute
as when we were in college.
"Come on," you will tell me. "Let's walk home
together." And I will take your hand, stand by your
side and together we'll walk away from that
hospital room. And that will be the last time,
because then on you wouldn't need to look after
me because we'll never have to leave home again.
Bob, Bob

Guys I need suggestions!!! [28 Apr 2005|11:28am]

hi there amigos,

i want you guys to help me or give me some wild suggestions or advices based on your knowledge or experiences on how to propose to a girlfriend to get engage.

i badly needed you guys to help me... we've been together for almost five years and this coming July we will be celebrating our anniversary and i don't know the perfect timing, place, and approach to propose to her. i love her so much, i want to marry her and i don't want to ruin her day because of some untoward incidents. please help...im dead serious. i badly need some brand new ideas on how to make marriage proposals. thanks
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She said!! [12 Apr 2005|09:13am]

How can you prove that there is a God above Us when everything here on earth still a mystery?
we know the fact from the scientific explanations about the creation of the universe but there were no solid evidences how they exists. example: four elements, the function of our brain, the growth, the heat of the Sun, the soul?, etc. around Us and ourselves is the big mystery itself, however, on my own belief, I can prove that there is no God...if there is a God why those believers still have to suffer? basically, with or without God we can still live to the fullest because we have the choice. that's the creation of a human mind,... to have our own choice and not the choice of God... you be what you want to be!
Bob, Bob

haha for myself [11 Apr 2005|04:10pm]

I can be a better person if I wanted to even I don't have any religion at all, we are created or mutated to make our own choices and we already know what's right or wrong in this world, laws that made by a man, and because there are so many religions here on earth we already cannot understand the true commandments of God anymore. sometimes other religious sectors contradicts each other. the ten commandments itself were violated by men even Jesus Christ. what if a scientific breakthrough was discovered that could abolish the validity of Christianity? what would happen if there is someone or something that could disapprove the writings in the bible? the bible itself is only written by a man and not by God. yes I believe in mystery, as we breath, the oxygen we intake, our brain, the whole thing...but if you die, is there a heaven or hell? or do we have a soul? for me again, I don't believe in ghost, it just part of a mystery in the world that no one can hardly show proof, what if God was true? then no one one this earth would be on his kingdom because all of us were sinners.
Bob, Bob

god? [07 Apr 2005|04:30pm]

thanks for your opinions my friends it enlightens me a little.

here is another question. For some people or most of the people have strong faith to God, people must hold on to their belief that there is God so that they have the path not to do evil deeds, em I right? Apparently we have tons of different religious sector in the world and God have different names (Allah, God the Father, etc).

Some people say that were only praising one God, huh? That’s very conflicting, if I believe in Satan and I praise him does that mean that the Gods of Moslem, Buddha, or Catholics also do?
We all know that Satan or Lucifer were the Anti-Christ.

Is there really a God? If you ask me…I believe that there is no God, it is just the creation of a human mind. some other religious group use God for power or for their own revenue collection or as I said before to have a pathway in life. I don’t want to raise a debate here just give me your own opinion and defend your own belief.

On my own opinion if there’s a God…right at this very moment he or she should strike me with a lightning or an have an earthquake and the big crack with molten lava should ate me, or be blown away and be gone on earth forever, there’s a lot of sufferings here on earth that should be addressed if God is only real. lets talk about death later.
Bob, Bob

WAKARUSA [20 Mar 2005|09:29pm]

So as it gets closer to that time of year again, I’m sure you’re all asking yoursleves “what will be my big event of the summer” Well Have I got something to fill the void. Check it out Jam fans; Wakarusa, June 17,18,&19 in Lawrence, Kansas. “But whats so good about it?” you ask… well 50+ of your favorite bands (except phish) including Gov’t Mule, SCI, Wilco, STS9, Little Feat, Umphreys McGee, Particle, JMP, Galactic, and a whole heck of a lot more. Well don’t take my word for it, go over and check it out yourself at www.Wakarusa.com

Happy Summer Festing!!

Jeph b

Bob, Bob

TIM BURTON'S GARAGE SALE [04 Mar 2005|03:00pm]

Friday, March 11, Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2005
207 North Aspan Avenue Azusa, CA 91702
9:00am - 4:00pm
(Absolutely No Early Previews or Early Sales)

Previously owned items by director Tim Burton and his actress wife former girlfriend Lisa Marie. Designer furniture (Herman Miller, Noguchi, Knoll, Ashland & Hill), clothing (Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL), lamps, ceramic kiln, fine crystal, make-up, electronics, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver, movie memorabilia, props from movie sets and tons more. This sale will be held in a warehouse in Azusa, CA, a 45 minute drive from Studio City.

From http://www.cartoonbrew.com/archives/2005_03.html:
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WTF (where's the food) [17 Feb 2005|05:08pm]

guys I've been thingking this for a while now, it keeps bugging me... can you all guys out here in your own words can give me the definition of flirting, or in your own knowledge, what is flirting? i know that we are different in many ways, customs, traditions, and many stuff like that usually inherited from in our own respective countries but i just want to hear from you. thanks i really appreciate it.
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Children of God, my vow for my services [10 Feb 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hi i hope that you would acknowledge my presence here in the room, hope to hear more from you may the force be with you.

Bob, Bob

[06 Jan 2005|06:39pm]

title or description
Bob, Bob

Mealtime Myrrth [14 Dec 2004|10:34pm]

How come grocery and retail stores, at Christmas time, never have "Breakfast with Baby Jesus"? These places could have a glowing crib, and resin animals of varying sizes...Aw, somebody down the street may just end up having "Breakfast with the Holy Spirit", or maybe some store in an effort to attract the younger crowd would have TBJ being born during some ancient rave, or tie bowling into it somehow.
Bob, Bob

[06 Oct 2004|06:10am]

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[28 Aug 2004|04:59pm]

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[08 Jul 2004|02:05am]


Who's going to Gathering of the Vibes?


Bob, Bob

[01 Jul 2004|04:10am]

Peace out.
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