Evil Punk (punkyevil) wrote in calavenus,
Evil Punk


thanks for your opinions my friends it enlightens me a little.

here is another question. For some people or most of the people have strong faith to God, people must hold on to their belief that there is God so that they have the path not to do evil deeds, em I right? Apparently we have tons of different religious sector in the world and God have different names (Allah, God the Father, etc).

Some people say that were only praising one God, huh? That’s very conflicting, if I believe in Satan and I praise him does that mean that the Gods of Moslem, Buddha, or Catholics also do?
We all know that Satan or Lucifer were the Anti-Christ.

Is there really a God? If you ask me…I believe that there is no God, it is just the creation of a human mind. some other religious group use God for power or for their own revenue collection or as I said before to have a pathway in life. I don’t want to raise a debate here just give me your own opinion and defend your own belief.

On my own opinion if there’s a God…right at this very moment he or she should strike me with a lightning or an have an earthquake and the big crack with molten lava should ate me, or be blown away and be gone on earth forever, there’s a lot of sufferings here on earth that should be addressed if God is only real. lets talk about death later.
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