Evil Punk (punkyevil) wrote in calavenus,
Evil Punk

haha for myself

I can be a better person if I wanted to even I don't have any religion at all, we are created or mutated to make our own choices and we already know what's right or wrong in this world, laws that made by a man, and because there are so many religions here on earth we already cannot understand the true commandments of God anymore. sometimes other religious sectors contradicts each other. the ten commandments itself were violated by men even Jesus Christ. what if a scientific breakthrough was discovered that could abolish the validity of Christianity? what would happen if there is someone or something that could disapprove the writings in the bible? the bible itself is only written by a man and not by God. yes I believe in mystery, as we breath, the oxygen we intake, our brain, the whole thing...but if you die, is there a heaven or hell? or do we have a soul? for me again, I don't believe in ghost, it just part of a mystery in the world that no one can hardly show proof, what if God was true? then no one one this earth would be on his kingdom because all of us were sinners.
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