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calavenus's Journal

Micronation For The Mad
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cala: Brazilian Portuguese, means "it is silent"
venus: detailed page
calavenus: the community for a developing micronation

This is a place for us to gather.

To laugh.
To cry.
To go absolutely mad!!

Join. Now. We'll love you forever. We are not a cult. We are not Republicans (or Democrats for that matter). We are not hippies. We are not insane. We are not lucid. We are not commies. We are not anarchists. We did not vote for President Bush (if you did please don't admit to it, mmkay?). We are nothing... and by nothing I mean everything.

Don't forget that National Dingo Day is May 21st.

Use the Community for your own Will (as in, Do as thou will) but Love under law also applies as does Every man and woman a star. Ya know? That sort of thing. To that end. In other words: respect your fellow community members. Leave words of confidence, wisdom, guidance, love and S.P.A.M.
Write poems.
Leave pictures.
Take shots on your webcam.
Hell, take shots (pour me a rum).
Leave links to the absurd.
Ia Ia Cthulhu.
Meet others.
Add people as Friends.
Dance naked.

We like titles around here.

Pay tribute to your Moderator:
tikigods The Grand High Mad Hatter of Mucky Muck, Saint First Class

Other Community Members with Titles:
politicsofslack Mayor of Cheez-It and Honorary Card Carrying Member of the Oompa-Loompa Brigade
mofomisfit High Priest of the Teddy Buddha Cabal of the Paratheoanametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric
fred_smith The Aerican Empire Ambassador to the Tikitopiap Sub-Nation and Official Advice Guy
wishingtree Head of the Dirty Harlot Elimination Task Force
docwebster The Naked Philosopher
sophiaserpentia Fellatrix of the Gods
baron_samedi Protector and Night Watchman, Patron Loa of Calavenus, Defender of All Things Rum
stweep Sir Rubs Wrong, Duke of Painful Self-Pleasure

Self-Proclaimed Spies Trying to Infiltrate Our Micronation
a.k.a. "not very good spies if they admitted to it on a poll"
fallenangeltear codename: "imposter" (that really should have tipped us off sooner)
emploding codename: "Em" (there really is nothing funny about this one so I won't even try)

Call Miss Cleo Now! She'll be standing by!

"Clear is my favorite color."